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Watertown to use US bailout funds to rebuild three streets on north side of town | Government

WATERTOWN — What started as a simple road paving project has turned into a $4-5 million reconstruction for three streets on the city’s north side.

Initially, teams from the Department of Public Works would simply repave Grant Street.

Through the American Rescue Plan Act and other funding, the city expanded the scope of this work to the reconstruction of Grant, Seward, and Henry streets.

“It’s evolved over the past two years,” said Michael A. Lumbis, the city’s director of planning and community development. “It kind of started with the paving of Grant Street.”

Last summer, the city added $251,380 in new sidewalks along the three blocks of Grant Street and nearby Tilden Street, with funding from the Community Development Block Grant.

Now the project has grown again, Mr Lumbis said, with work including new curbs, roads and water and sewer lines.

“It’s a great improvement for the neighborhood,” he said.

With funding from ARPA, new water pipes will replace the century-old 4-inch pipes that have deteriorated over time, resulting in decreased water flow, he said.

So far, municipal consultant BCA Architects & Engineers has completed approximately 50% of the design work for the project.

At this stage, a preliminary estimate of the work has been established between 4 and 5 million dollars. More definitive costs should be known soon, Lumbis said.

In addition to ARPA funding, work on Grant, Seward, and Henry Streets will also use the Consolidated Program for Local Streets and Highways, or CHIPS funding and CDBG money.

The larger project is “in the city’s budget and ready to go,” Lumbis said.

Tenders are expected to be launched within the next two months, with work expected to begin later this year.

The city hopes to attract volunteers to plant trees in the neighborhood once street work is complete.

Grant Street resident Sheila F. Barney-Pullus suggested that groups of young people could be recruited for this work. She also expressed her delight with the sidewalks installed on her street last summer.

“It’s beautiful,” she said.

The City invites neighborhood residents to an information meeting on the project. The meeting will be at 6 p.m. on April 28 at Starbuck Elementary School, 430 E. Hoard St.

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