Rescue plan

US Frederick bailout fund to support the elderly | WDVM25 and DCW50

FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) – Frederick County Director Jan Gardner has announced several initiatives that will be funded through a portion of Frederick County’s American Rescue Plan Act allowance.

The initiatives will extend broadband to underserved people in Frederick County, provide more equipment and care for the elderly, expand “Feeding Frederick” and improve transportation services. These projects aim to improve the lives of seniors in the community.

“The projects we fund are time bound, but they will be transformative for the people they touch and it’s just amazing,” said Monica Bearden, Deputy Executive Director. “It’s amazing for our residents. It’s amazing for our nonprofit partners who have the opportunity to do something bigger and better than they’ve been able to do before.

Specifically, a portion of the $ 50.4 million in Frederick County ARPA funds will go to:

Economic support

• Extend broadband to unserved and underserved areas of Frederick County and upgrade computer security ($ 2 million)


• Provide equipment and renovate homes to allow seniors to age in place, through the non-profit organization Advocates for the Aging ($ 300,000)
• Carry out home repairs for the elderly, veterans and disabled homeowners, through the non-profit organization
Rebuild Together ($ 300,000)
• Conduct a feasibility study for a Frederick County program for comprehensive care for the elderly, a
Frederick Health program plans to provide a full range of services, such as social work, medical,
transport and rehabilitation, elderly people who are too fragile. ($ 125,000)


• Develop a public awareness campaign for Feeding Frederick, a service to connect people to food
distribution sites that were created in collaboration with the Community Foundation, the Ausherman
Foundation, and many non-profit organizations. ($ 44,600)


• Upgrade real-time transit service tracking information for passengers ($ 600,000)
• Improve the bus service by rethinking the Transit network and integrating the TransIt-Plus service ($ 100,000)
• Make safety and other improvements to bus shelters and Transit transfer facilities ($ 500,000).

Previously approved projects were made public in presentations to the county council. Additional requests for ARPA funds are reviewed by a Frederick County government review panel to ensure the proposals meet strict federal guidelines.