Rescue mission

‘This is still a rescue mission’: Update provided on day 64 of the search for Frank Young

Head said they were focusing on an area near the river called the Y, an area about three to five miles from Frank Young’s house. As Chief Marcel Head of Shoal Lake explained, this is an area that local knowledge keepers encouraged them to check out.

“There are a lot of log jams along the river and this one is one of them,” he said. “Knowledge Keepers have always indicated from experience that these areas tend to catch all types of debris or any other objects that flow down the river. This is where they wanted the research team to try to focus. He added that this area is where part of the Carrot River flows into the Man River.

Meanwhile, the RCMP said it had used its resources and technology in its past search, adding that police have no plans for future aerial and boat searches unless new information comes in.

“As the river has begun to recede, the Saskatchewan RCMP Tactical Support Group is planning to travel to the community this weekend to conduct a thorough and targeted foot search of the banks of the Carrot River. said Sgt. Richard Tonge of the Carrot River RCMP. “One of their goals will be to locate any items that may be associated with Frank.”

Tonge said the last aerial search was carried out by helicopter on June 11.

He also referred to a request that had been made to deploy Canadian Forces Rangers to the area. Tonge said that request was ultimately denied as the Rangers are only used within 100km of any location they are stationed. The closest to Red Earth Cree Nation is about 400 km away.

However, FSIN Deputy Chief Dutch Lerat said some members were in the area unofficially.

“The Rangers were involved from the La Ronge area and further north. They worked with local knowledge keepers on the layout of the land.

Although there is no sign of Frank after more than two months, the community and the RCMP are still treating this as a rescue mission.

“We continue to view it as a rescue mission at the request of the family,” Chief Fabian Head said.

“I can’t predict with certainty when or where we will find Frank,” Tonge added. “This is the case of a missing person. We never close a missing person’s case until we have definitive answers about what happened to the missing person.

The press conference took place the same morning that an awareness walk was scheduled for the Red Earth Cree Nation. Chief Fabian Head said the purpose of the walk was to show the community and the province that they are not giving up in their search for Frank.

First Nations leaders continue to call for additional resources from the federal and provincial governments, noting that rising inflation and fuel costs are straining local research efforts.

Communities are always looking for help and volunteers. Anyone interested can contact the emergency measures coordinator at Red Earth Cree Nation.

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