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Spanish sea rescue services save the lives of 72 migrants

A total of 72 migrants have been rescued by maritime rescue services in Spain from two separate boats over the past two days.

In addition, more than 28 migrants are said to be missing from another boat found nearly 120 kilometers south of Green Canaria, reports

Maritime rescue services in Spain Salvamento Marítimo detected a migrant boat about 105 kilometers south of the main Canary island, Gran Canaria, according to the report published by InfoMigrants.

Rescue services say only 13 migrants survived when they reached the migrants, while at least 28 people may be missing.

The survivors were citizens of sub-Saharan Africa, as reported by the EFE news agency.

In another incident in the Canary Islands archipelago, 59 migrants were brought to safety in the port of Arrecife, while five of the survivors were taken to hospital, according to local media.

Recently, according to data provided by the Missing Migrants Project of the United Nations Migration Agency (IOM), a total of 8,239 missing migrants have been recorded since the beginning of this year on the East African route. West/Atlantic to the Canary Islands.

The Spanish authorities are constantly trying to find new ways to deal with the increasing number of migrants who try to reach the country illegally and through perilous routes.

Earlier, a report by Walking Borders showed that a total of 4,404 migrants died trying to enter Spain last year, marking a more than double increase on the number who lost their lives in 2020.

In addition, the figures provided by Walking Borders were much higher than those provided by the UN data on international migration and the highest toll in recent years.

According to the Walking Border report, the highest number of people who lost their lives trying to enter Spain last year were citizens of North Africa who tried to reach Spain via the Canary Islands.

“The policies of deterrence and containment imposed by Europe and Morocco on the routes of the western Mediterranean have regularly pushed migratory flows towards the Atlantic, making the Canary Islands the main destination for people on the move”, reveals the report.

Recently, Spanish authorities said the national police had dismantled a criminal group involved in illicit business, including helping migrants to stay in the country illegally.

The Spanish Interior Ministry announced in a statement that during such an operation, a total of 125 people were arrested.