Rescue mission

Rescue Mission serving women and children

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) – The Fort Wayne Rescue Mission announced Friday morning that it has expanded emergency shelter services and mental health support to women and children.

Officials say the expansion was in response to changes to other local shelters and programs, as well as the end of the city’s winter emergency plan that ended March 1. They say that day they began housing women at the East Washington Boulevard facility. in a secure area of ​​the building.

After completing a facility assessment, some women will be transferred to The Rescue Mission’s Charis House at 431 Fairmount Pl. The Charis House is a women’s and children’s ministry of The Rescue Mission that provides temporary residence until to 24 months with additional support services available. They say the current Fairmount Place facility has a limited capacity of around 75 beds.

The Rescue Mission recently entered into an agreement with YWCA Northeast Indiana to purchase the property at 5920 Decatur Rd. to meet the growing demand for services for women and children.

“There was a great void within our community that we could not allow to continue,” said Dusty Krause, senior vice president of program operations at The Rescue Mission. “We could not accept the fact that women and children had to fend for themselves at night in this community. It was never a question of whether we were going to help; How was it. Krause continued, “When we started offering these services, we didn’t know what to expect or what kind of need existed in the community. We quickly realized that the need was great, not only for emergency shelter, but also for mental health support. Krause said, “Before taking on the added responsibility, we wanted to ensure the safety of women in a men’s facility. We also wanted to make sure we could offer these people the dignity they deserve and a chance for real change here at The Rescue Mission.

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