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Rescue Mission Ready to Help Anyone Affected by New Downtown Roanoke Camping Ban

ROANOKE, Virginia – Roanoke City’s new camping ban comes into effect on January 1, making it illegal for anyone to sleep on sidewalks in parts of downtown Roanoke.

Organizations such as the Homelessness Assistance Team and the City of Roanoke are doing their part to educate and help those who will be affected.

the Roanoke Rescue Mission is an option for homeless people. It offers over 250 beds and enough space to accommodate anyone in need of shelter.

[’Compliance, not punishment’: Roanoke plans to enforce new law banning camping on downtown sidewalks]

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“We have been preparing since the first day of the opening of the rescue mission 73 years ago. We’ve been a place here in Roanoke for people to come if they need food, if they need shelter, if they need medical attention, or if they need treatment against addiction, and we always will be, ”said Kevin Berry, the Community Outreach / Marketing Manager for the organization.

When it comes to COVID-19, the mission has security protocols for those who have tested positive for COVID-19 and quarantines them separately to ensure the safety of current and new customers.

The map below shows where within the city limits the ban on sleeping on the sidewalk will be enforceable:

Roanoke Downtown Service District (City of Roanoke)

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