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Nonprofits to Receive $ 11 Million in American Rescue Act Funding | News

Tackle Poverty! CEO Brandon Baca on Tuesday thanked county leaders for helping distribute $ 11 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding to Fort Bend County nonprofits like the one he oversees. He said the funds will help people survive the ongoing Covid pandemic by providing them with food and other basic needs, helping them prepare for employment, as well as providing them with assistance. financial support for rent and mortgage payments so that they do not fall into poverty.

When businesses in Fort Bend County were closed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020, many employees were left without paychecks to buy food and pay rent and other bills. Fortunately, nonprofits and churches across the region have stepped up to help these people.

Now the county is stepping up to help these nonprofits.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Fort Bend County Judge KP George announced the names of the recipients who will receive funding through the U.S. Rescue Act’s nonprofit grant program. of Fort Bend County.

The distribution of the funds, the first allocation of its kind, will help support nonprofits that have been affected by the pandemic and those meeting critical needs within the community, George said.

“As I said before, the county government does not have a budget line in its budget for emergencies. There is a gap, and that gap is being bridged by you guys, ”George told the rally of civic leaders and community activists.

“Fort Bend County is so blessed to have so many of you stepping in and taking care of our people. Thank you for what you are doing and thank you for what you have been doing over the past 21 months and even before that.

The non-profit organizations that receive the funds are: Art Reach, Help for Victims of Domestic Violence, Abigail’s Place, AccessHealh, Attack Poverty !, Blessed Be Hope, Boys & Girls Club, Brazos Bend Gaurdianship, Casa El Bueno, Champions, Child Advocates, Eternal Ghandi Museum, Fort Bend Club, Fort Bend Hope, Fort Bend Habitat for Humanity, Fort Bend Regional Council, Fort Bend Seniors, Fort Bend Discovery Center, Fort Bend Women’s Center, Family Life and Community Resource Center, Family Hope, Fort Bend Club House, Inspired Behavioral Health Inc., Katy Ministères Christians, Lone Star Legal Aid, Lucille’s 1913, New Hope Lutheran Church, Park’s Youth Ranch, Ser Jobs for Progress, Sewa International, Second Mile, Texana, The Alliance, The Arc of Fort Bend, Veritas I and Veritas II and YMCA .

Since not all of the funds allocated to the program have been allocated, George said a second round of funding would likely start in January and he encouraged nonprofits that were not funded in the first. cycle to apply during the second cycle.

The $ 11 million in funds comes from the $ 157 million the county received from the US Treasury Department under the American Rescue Plan Act.

George was also joined at the press conference by Ward 2 Commissioner Grady Prestage and Ward 4 Commissioner Ken DeMerchant. George also thanked Ward 1 Commissioner Vincent Morales Jr. and Ward 3 Commissioner Andy Meyers for their support of the program.

Morales and Meyers did not attend the ceremony.

“We needed you. We had to have you. And you stepped up, ”Ward 2 County Commissioner Grady Prestage told leaders of more than a dozen nonprofits invited to the courthouse ceremony. County commissioners formed a committee earlier this year to decide how US bailout funds would be allocated and which nonprofits deserved those funds. In addition to feeding the hungry, providing rental and mortgage assistance, and helping find jobs, funds will be used to improve outcomes for local communities and residents, empower nonprofits. to hire more staff and expand to provide more services, especially where needs are increasing in the department.