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Moscow City Council Approves America Rescue Plan Act Funding Allocation Plans – The Argonaut

Moscow city council approved the intended use of American Rescue Plan Act funds, changed the prices of general sanitation charges, and opted for Idaho’s participation in the national settlement of opioid claims.

American bailout act

The city of Moscow received $ 5,528,399 from ARPA. The money will be split into two installments, one delivered in June and the last delivered around the same time next year.

One of the guidelines was to ensure that the money is allocated to a project by 2024. The other guideline is to ensure that the full amount has to be spent by the end of 2026 or so. it will be recovered.

“One of the stated goals was to replace lost revenue for eligible state, local, territorial and tribal governments to support vital public services and keep jobs,” city supervisor Gary Riedner said. “Immediate economic stabilization for households and businesses responds to systematic public health and economic challenges. ”

The main areas Moscow needed to focus on were helping businesses and non-profit organizations. $ 750,000 will be invested in programs that will be developed and approved by the council.

$ 150,000 to be used for the use of affordable housing assistance. This assistance will be paid in the form of installments of $ 50,000 over the next three years and will be matched with the city’s annual budget for the fiscal year.

One million dollars will be allocated to support the new storm water utility in two projects. The first will be the purchase of a new sewer jet truck for $ 600,000 that will help with storm sewer cleaning and inspection. The second will allocate $ 400,000 to help the Hogg Creek Daylighting project as part of the Lilly Street reconstruction project.

$ 3,628,399 will be allocated to the city’s hydraulic infrastructure to support water transport projects.

“We’re talking about getting water from where it’s produced on the west side of town,” Riedner said. “Across town to our storage facilities, which are mostly on the east side of town. ”

Money that does not come from businesses and non-profit and affordable housing assistance by 2023 will be transferred to help water infrastructure projects.

General sewerage charges

City council approved an amendment to general sewerage charges. The GFC is a one-time payment intended to cover the cost of the impact of a new development on the utility system.

The amendment on GFC is due to the case law of the results of North Idaho Building Contractors against City of Hayden on what fair and equitable way to calculate GFC.

“Through the process of our rate review, we reviewed our existing general facility charges,” said Deputy City Supervisor Tyler Palmer. “What we found was that when we applied the formula generated by this case law, we were actually charging less than what was allowed by the case law.”

The new royalty will be a calculation of $ 96.89 / PFU, which is consistent with recent case law.

Opioid litigation

Moscow City Council has agreed to initiate an opioid litigation. Idaho has joined the national settlement resolving opioid claims with Johnson & Johnson, Amerisource Bergen, Cardinal Health and McKesson.

Some local governments may participate and receive benefits in the agreement. The amount of money will depend on the number of local governments that join the litigation.

“The state is proposing this specific allocation agreement where 40% goes to the state, 40% goes to the participating counties and cities,” said city attorney Mia Bautista. “20% go to regional health districts. ”

For the state’s proposal, 60% of eligible counties would have to sign the dispute to be effective. If all eligible counties join, the amount of money would be $ 120 million over 18 years.

The settlement money will help the state be able to fight the opioid epidemic by providing funding for opioid remediation and through future remediation projects.

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