Rescue mission

Local man on rescue mission in Poland to get his wife and son-in-law out of Ukraine – WPXI

PITTSBURGH — Martin Roethlein made his decision just days ago and said he doesn’t know where it will take him.

Corn [he does know] his first stop is New York, then Amsterdam and finally Warsaw, Poland, where he hopes to reunite with his wife and family.

Roethlein is on a rescue mission to get his wife and 10-year-old son-in-law out of Ukraine safely.

“My [immigration] the lawyer was like, ‘the best thing to do is go to your wife and go to a country with the US Embassy,’” Roethlein said.

Armed with a single suitcase, a passport and a plane ticket, Martin will travel more than 4,000 miles to Warsaw, Poland.

“My wife only has a train ticket to Lviv,” Roethlein said.

His wife and son will first have to leave Vinnytsia, Ukraine, and then travel another 150 miles to Poland before they can all reunite.

But leaving a country that is under daily attack from Russian troops is difficult: “There are a lot of people in Ukraine trying to get Poland,” Roethlein said. “Hopefully we maintain communication.”

Roethlein said if they lost contact, the plan wouldn’t change.

“She knows Radisson Blu Warsaw,” Roethlein said.

The couple hope that in Poland they can finish the paperwork they started when the couple got married last year.

“We’ve been working on his immigration here for about eight months now,” Roethlein said.

“Find my wife, get to the embassy, ​​and hopefully we’ll only add two people to this flight,” Roethlein said.

In two weeks, Roethlein hopes to return to Pittsburgh with his wife and son.