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‘I’ll probably leave’: Neighbors express frustration at Lexington rescue mission over plans for new facility

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) — It was a lively meeting Monday night with neighbors in the Northside neighborhood of Lexington.

They interviewed the Lexington Rescue Mission and its plans to move their main office and outreach to the area at the corner of Jefferson and W. Second streets near downtown.

It was the first time that many neighbors had the opportunity to ask LRM about their projects. Many of them did not hold back their thoughts.

“Why don’t you talk to us if you want to be part of our community?” asked a neighbor.

“I’ll probably leave because I’ve been through it,” said a neighbor who says she moved to Lexington from Los Angeles due to growing issues with the homeless population there. “I’m not speculating, I’m not paranoid. I know what is happening and the concerns are well founded.

The forum organized by the Northside Neighborhood Association took place a week after an initial meeting between neighbors after hearing about the plans.

There was another meeting Thursday with neighbors, but LRM says they weren’t invited.

“We’re not in the final stages, we’re in the planning stages,” said Laura Carr, LRM’s chief executive. “We want to be able to take feedback into account when we plan for the future, when we look at the services we provide and how we deliver those services.”

Carr says the new location would feed the homeless and provide outreach services. She said he would not offer accommodation for the night. She adds that a good portion of their clients are not even homeless, but are on the poverty line.

“When you look at this particular neighborhood, the census tract, it’s 36.7%. Thus, more than a third of the inhabitants of this district live in poverty.

Neighbors say they were talking about trash, safety and vagrancy. Carr says she is committed to working with the neighborhood.

The building the mission purchased is in proper zoning for what they plan to do in the space, and there’s really nothing the neighbors can do to stop them from moving from their location on Glen Arvin Ave. .

Carr said during the meeting that she, or someone with the mission, will regularly attend neighborhood association meetings and serve on a committee to quickly address concerns or issues as they arise. are presented.

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