Rescue plan

Fox News twists truth about US bailout to scare critical race theory

After months of criticizing several individuals and institutions for promoting so-called “critical race theory,” Fox News is once again twisting the truth about the CRT to sow distrust in President Joe Biden’s administration and the plan. American rescue. Fox is now accusing more than a dozen states of using COVID-19 relief funds to promote CRT in schools, using shoddy research from a conservative black money group to back up its claims.

On Thursday, Fox released a report claiming that 13 blue states, including California, New York and Illinois, spent money from the US bailout’s $122 billion provision to elementary and secondary schools on resources. who allegedly promote critical race theory and related concepts.

In order to receive these emergency relief funds, education agencies were required to provide their reopening plans, detailing how the funds would be used to maintain equity and ensure “essential resources meet student needs.” who have been subject to long-standing opportunity gaps”. in our education system. States like New York and Illinois have signaled plans to use anti-racism training, social-emotional learning, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to bring students safely back into schools amid the pandemic, which Fox falsely presented as core principles of CRT.

In reality, the CRT is an academic framework taught at the university level that seeks to explain the ongoing legacy of racism in American institutions. However, right-wing provocateurs have crafted a whole new definition of CRT to encompass a myriad of race-related concepts and bury discussions of social justice. Fox’s criticism of state plans to center practices such as social-emotional learning, anti-racism, and DEI dates back to right-wing media’s campaign to obscure the benefits of each practice by downplaying inequality and suggest that they fall under the seemingly endless umbrella of CRT.

Fox’s reports of alleged use of COVID-19 relief funds to broadcast CRT were based on research from a group called One Nation. Led by former Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) chief of staff Steven Law, One Nation is a black money group with a history of undermining key aspects of the Biden administration by creating misleading advertisements, including spending $10 million to attack Build Back Better. One Nation’s eight-figure funding can be shrouded in anonymity as the nonprofit is not legally required to disclose its donors, but reports show the group is funded by conservative mega-donors, corporate fossil fuels and pharmaceutical interest groups.

Fox’s botched condemnation of school reopening plans crafted with students from all walks of life in mind is just a drop in the ocean of the right-wing media’s relentless and empty obsession with stamping out the CRT. schools and attack public education. Here’s a look at Fox’s desperate attempt to sound the alarm on the latest invented threat and amplify its own flawed reports: