Rescue mission

Denver rescue mission braces for influx of people in need after expiration of eviction moratorium

DENVER (KDVR) – A local shelter is bracing for a possible increase in requests for help after the moratorium on evictions expires on Sunday.

“The Denver rescue mission is one of the last stops someone would take,” said Nicole Tschetter.

If you’ve been kicked out, she said, that may still be an option for you. Two strategies were used in anticipation of more people needing their services.

“The first was the opening of the new 24/7 48th Avenue Center shelter,” Tschetter said.

Earlier this summer, she said, that shelter, which houses mostly single men, became a new resource for the Denver rescue mission.

“It has a capacity of around 389 guests,” she said. “Not only does this space provide extra beds, it also has a team of case managers. “

The second strategy, she added, was to streamline new cases. “The admissions process that our mission is doing at the Lawrence Street Community Center,” she said.

She said if someone needs help, such as someone recently evicted from their home, they can ask a case manager to analyze which service is best for their situation.

“Is the refuge the best place for you? Is there a bridging program at Denver Rescue Mission or another of the homeless service providers? ” she said.

Tschetter strongly recommended that anyone evicted from Denver learn about the services offered by the city.

The Denver Rescue Mission offers what it calls its “Star Transition Program.” This is another service that can bring relief to any newly homeless person.

“Which is specifically for families, individuals and the elderly who are struggling to make ends meet and just need a little more guidance and a way to get back on their feet,” a- she declared. “There is housing for them, access to case management in this program. “

The ultimate goal of these cases, she said, is to put them in a position to start helping themselves again.

“We also have our Family Rescue Ministry program which aims to give families the first month’s rent, the last month’s rent and the bond,” she said.

Tschetter added that anyone new to roaming might consider the services as a starting point.

She said the Denver Rescue Mission is working with services and shelters in the area to expand their services to families in need.