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DENMARK CITY COUNCIL: City Considering Use of American Rescue Act Funds | Government and politics

DENMARK – Rusty Munoz, accountant for the city of Denmark, during a city council teleconference in December, said the city received about $ 700,000 in US bailout funds and spent $ 112,805.60 until now.

No detailed list was available in the budget of how these funds had been spent and was not discussed.

City Councilor Hope Long Weldon said council is expected to hold a meeting soon on how these funds are being spent. Mayor Gerald Wright said they should take the next vacation before they reunite.

Wright said, “We plan to meet in the second week of January (for a budget meeting) to discuss the US bailout funds and their use. It will be announced.

DENMARK MUNICIPAL COUNCIL: New fire engine, refurbished police building to come

“It will be at a consensus or at a time which is convenient for the council,” he added. He said he would consult with the board before and / or after the next vacation about a good day and a good time.

Company developing its broadband service in Bamberg County

Wright also said that by the next board meeting, board assignments to committees should be ready.

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Police Chief Leroy Grimes said in his report that they recently broke into Daniels Pharmacy.

“He was homeless from out of town. We caught him just as he broke the front door, ”Grimes added.

Grimes also said he and the entire department attended Denmark-Olar High School during the recent alleged national TikTok scare in which a TikTok user allegedly asked students to shoot individuals in their schools.

“We stayed in school for at least three or four hours because of these issues,” Grimes said.

Weldon asked Grimes if they were going to hire a school resources manager.

Grimes said he was working on building his department and would then work on hiring an SRO.

City administrator Heyward Robinson said renovations on the old City Hall building for a new police department are continuing.

“We made an announcement for a construction manager to help estimate the cost of the renovations. The goal is to renovate without exceeding the $ 400,000 provided for in the Capital Sales Act, ”added Robinson.

Robinson then said work on the new fire truck was continuing.

“The manufacturer has problems with the supply chain and the contract has been extended by the Ministry of Commerce. We plan to have a fire engine finished by the end of 2022, ”added Robinson. $ 4.99 for the first month

  • City Councilor Calvin Odom said MUSC and family health centers are teaming up with the city of Denmark to host a vaccination event on Saturday, Jan.8, 2022, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the depot. “We will provide tables, chairs and the facility,” Odom added and mentioned that the immunization numbers are not where they would like them to be in the region. He said at the event a DJ and food would be available as part of the funding. Odom had met with the HC Department of Health and Environmental Control at the Brooker Center last month to discuss promoting COVID-19 vaccination. Weldon then mentioned that a reminder can be obtained from CVS in town during the day without an appointment.
  • Grimes also reported that he had 43 new cases in his department, including common assault, aggravated assault, burglary, domestic violence, vandalism, motor vehicle theft, assault. real estate, messy driving, suspension driving, traffic collisions and more.
  • Municipal Judge James Spellman will hold his court on Friday, January 7, 2022 at 10 a.m.
  • Robinson gave the public works report and said they had fixed 12 water leaks in town and were in the process of testing the flow of all hydrants in accordance with DHEC regulations.
  • Robinson said the Danish fire service received a total of 30 fire calls during the month.
  • According to the minutes of the November meeting, City Councilor Bervay Carter proposed a second reading to pass a revised business licensing ordinance under the Business License Standardization Act. The motion was seconded by Odom, the vote was unanimous and the motion was carried. Carter also brought forward a motion to give second reading on a proposed rezoning of the property from R-1 to R-2. The motion was seconded by Odom. This vote was also unanimous and the motion was carried.
  • Also in November there was a discussion about waste and the need to install cameras to capture waste. Grimes said the cameras were already installed.
  • Laura McKenzie of Keep Bamberg Beautiful called for the November teleconference, according to the minutes, and thanked the 131 volunteers who helped pick up the trash at a cleanup event across Bamberg County.