Rescue mission

Cumbrae community council rescued after locals mounted rescue mission

A NEW Cumbrae Community Council was formed after a successful SOS to recruit new members.

There were concerns that the board, which has been operating since the 1970s, would fold after only one candidate was initially proposed.

However, a News article about the crisis and an island campaign to find new faces saved the day.

The new members of the community council are Alex Harvie (chair), Lisa Christie (secretary), Donald Campbell (treasurer), Stuart Kennedy and John McHenery (vice-chair).

Melanie Anderson of the North Ayrshire Council Committee and Member Services said she was delighted to see the Democratic body rescued.

She added, “On behalf of the board, I want to say how delighted I am that a new community board has been formed.

“We know Cumbrae is a very committed and hard-working council and we would have been very sorry to lose that voice.

“We would like to thank the Largs and Millport Weekly News for helping to generate interest and raise awareness of the crisis.

“We now have five community council members on the island, but there are still two vacancies and we would like to see people take on those roles. ”

Labor Advisor Alex Gallagher added: “I want to thank all of these people for coming forward.

“I am the Island Portfolio Holder of the North Ayrshire Council and, from my perspective, the Community Council is a key organization.

“We have big plans for Cumbrae Island. There is a lot going on on the Island and the Community Council over the past five years has been very helpful. I look forward to this commitment continuing.”

Community councils are consulted on planning and license applications, and play a key role in promoting and consulting on topics such as the £ 28million Millport flood defense program and ferry issues .

The body also played a major role in the Save Millport Pier campaign, as well as in the fight to save the island’s toilets.

New President Alex said: “We will be creating an evolving program for community council ourselves in the future and we will follow the advice of former member Graham Wallace.”

Lisa added: “Even though we are a small community council, there is a lot going on – and we are looking to play a role in representing the island in the future.”

The Cumbrae Community Council meets publicly on a monthly basis.