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Columbus Rescue Mission unveils plans for new location | Local

When Columbus Rescue Mission Executive Director Nathan Joslin talks about the new additions coming to the shelter, it’s easy to see why he’s excited.

The shelter will include amenities never before offered, such as two transitional apartments, as well as the ability to offer more, including additional family rooms.

Columbus Rescue Mission is in the process of moving locations from its current shelter, 1471 25th Ave., to a larger facility at 1112 15th St. Joslin said the timeline for moving into the facility would be in 2023.

Lately, Columbus Rescue Mission is finalizing the floor plan of the building which will come with several new features. The nonprofit previously closed the facility in October.

“We’re excited about the floor plan,” Joslin said.

The nonprofit’s goal is to provide food, shelter and guidance to homeless people, helping them to become responsible members of society and of the Lord, according to the Columbus Rescue website. Mission.

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The building will have both a men’s wing and a women’s and family wing. The latter of the two wings will allow for four to five “good-sized family rooms,” Joslin said. The shelter currently has a designated space, but even then the room was small, he added.

“It’s a pretty big change for the ministry,” Joslin said.

The same wing will house two or three female dormitories, a laundry area and a computer room, he added.

On the men’s side, there will be two large dormitories, four rooms for the shelter’s long-term discipleship program, another computer room, and a “nice, big-sized” classroom, Joslin said.

The facility will also have common rooms on either side, he added.

Since the shelter is staffed around the clock, there will be a staff apartment for a staff member to live on-site, Joslin said. In addition, the new location will house two transitional apartments.

“These are (transitional apartments) for people who have been on the long-term program and want some extra responsibility…before they can have a proper apartment here on site,” Joslin said.

The new Columbus Rescue Mission facility is the former location of Morys Haven, a nursing home that closed in November 2019.

“This (the move) will expand our reach and ability to serve families in Columbus,” said Columbus Berean Church pastor Justin Bebb, who also serves on the Rescue Mission board. “We will be able to house families, which we can kind of do now, but we can really do in the future.”

There’s still a lot of work to do before the shelter can open at its new location, Joslin said.

Columbus Rescue Mission recently repaired water damage caused by the building’s fire sprinkler system.

“It caused a significant amount of water damage in the basement and fire sprinklers throughout (the building),” Joslin said. “We removed all of this and removed all water damage in the basement and some of the upstairs flooring.”

Electrical work was also done for the facility as it had no electricity at the start, Joslin added.

Columbus Rescue Mission must also install certain features on the building in accordance with the city’s Unified Land Use Ordinance. Columbus Rescue Mission will also perform any other repairs and renovations to the existing facility.

The nonprofit is accepting donations for the renovation on its website,

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