Rescue act

Cleveland City Council – Funding for the American Rescue Act passed by Council

The council passed three buckets of money at its meeting on Monday (11/29) to award the city’s American Rescue Plan Act to different departments in the city, with only public safety funding allocated. to specific purchases.

Public Safety received over $ 26.3 million and was allocated to the Police ($ 10.2 million), Fire ($ 3.6 million), EMS ($ 7.8 million) divisions ), animal control and computer security (security cameras for $ 4.8 million). For each division, the majority of the money goes to specialized equipment needed by different departments, vehicles and computer upgrades. The funding for SMU includes the purchase of 15 new ambulances, which was of great concern. The specific allocations by division are here.

The Council also approved over $ 80.3 million for the Departments of Community and Economic Development and $ 15 million for the Department of Construction and Housing (Demolition). Expenses of $ 50,000 or more in each of these compartments will have to come back to the board for approval.

They also approved that the Law Department spend $ 191,000 on professional services to hire a lawyer to ensure that the city spends its ARPA dollars on areas and items that the US Treasury Department deems authorized. (Ord. N ° 843-2021)

The city receives nearly $ 512 million in federal ARPA funds. The first half was received with a large chunk – nearly $ 108 million – going to the City General Fund to make up for lost revenue due to the pandemic, which is the cities’ first approved use of the treasury. (The second half of the funding is expected in May 2022.)

Cities must notify and submit reports on all spending to the US Treasury. Funds spent on unapproved items must be returned. Cities must also make publicly available a “Recovery Plan Performance Report” on spending.