Rescue mission

City Rescue Mission showcases renovations and programs at open house

NEW CASTLE – At the city rescue mission, one of the main philosophies the center operates under and wishes to teach others is to “love your neighbour”.

That’s according to executive director Jack Lynn.

On Friday, the Rescue Mission held a community open house to showcase both the renovations that recently took place on the Men’s Ministry side of the building, as well as to highlight all of the programs and services offered by the organization. . It is located at 319 S. Croton Ave. at NewCastle.

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A new improved chapel

The City Rescue Mission made upgrades to McKinney Chapel, such as new floors, paint, speakers and LED screens.

The McKinney Chapel, named after one of the Rescue Mission founders, Robert McKinney, has undergone renovations including new floors, paint, a new speaker and LED screens.

Lynn said that being a faith-based organization, learning from Christ and the Bible is important to the programs offered by Rescue Mission.

He said the men in both the shelter portion and the recovery program receive a 30-minute service each morning before they start their day.

Fresh meals every day

Men who come to the shelter/recovery program receive three meals a day.

In addition, the mission has a free community meal for anyone who comes.

From Monday to Saturday it takes place around lunchtime and on Sunday it takes place at 5 p.m.

Meals take place every day of the year.

Lynn said the mission either purchased the food or received donations from the community.

The kitchen has received new appliances, such as new air conditioning units, cookers, hobs and fridges.

Crossroads department

Lynn said that for men’s ministry, there are two separate ministries, an emergency shelter, called Crossroads Shelter, and a year-long faith-based recovery program.

For the shelter, Lynn said the mission not only provides temporary shelter and spiritual counseling, but helps men get their social security cards and IDs, helps them find housing and a job and helps them get and manage medical and medical appointments.

New computers will be added to the Marshall Learning Center to help people at the shelter work on their studies, find jobs or reconnect with family.

As part of the ministry, the Marshall Learning Center received new computers. The center is where shelter men can work toward high school diplomas or GEDs, and access social media to reconnect with family and friends.

As part of the shelter, there is a day room which has a hall with a television, books and board games; an outdoor area where men can smoke and picnic; the emergency shelter, which is a dormitory; and an area where men can meet and talk with the mission pastor.

Recovery program

The recovery program is a five-step program and helps with all forms of addiction, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, gambling or pornography.

Lynn said that while in the program, the men received food and clothing, and did not have jobs, so they could fully focus on their recovery.

He said the recovery program’s dormitory had been renovated, with new steel beds, cabinets and desks, as well as “semi-private” barriers, which allow each man some form of unenclosed privacy, while by learning to live and get along with everyone. another, which helps in the recovery process.

The City Rescue Mission operates a Men's Emergency Shelter, a Women's Shelter for Women and Young Children, a Family Ministries Program, and a Recovery Ministry that allows men to receive treatment for various forms of addiction.

“I received a lot of positive feedback from our guests,” Lynn said.

The recovery program has an “upper room,” which includes a sitting area, a library with newly donated libraries, and a classroom, where the men receive two classes a day Monday through Thursday and one on Friday.

The upper room is where the men have their vespers, or evening prayers, in which they talk about any grievances they may have so as not to go to bed angry. There is also a gym/recreation room.

New telehealth services

Lynn said that thanks to a grant from the Buhl Regional Health Foundation, in conjunction with Primary Health Network, the mission has a new telehealth room.

This is a room that will allow the men of the mission to have health checks, as well as have mental health appointments.

“We’re really excited about this,” Lynn said.

Lynn said this telehealth room can be used by anyone who comes to the facility, including those who come for community meals.

family ministry

In addition to the Men’s Ministry, the City Rescue Mission has a Family Care Ministry.

One of the main features of the ministry is the food bank, which provides food to approximately 50-60 families per month.

The ministry also provides assistance to families in need, with matters such as food, personal care items, household products, clothing, prayer, and sage counsel.

As part of its services, the City Rescue Mission runs a food bank that provides food to different families in the community, as well as gifts to families for school, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Lynn said that for many families in need, their ‘relationship poverty’ is just as bad as their financial poverty, saying families or individual family members need a place where they can feel welcome. and have a network or connection listening to them.

The ministry has a back-to-school program where it donated backpacks full of school supplies. They distributed them to individuals and last year they delivered them directly to some local schools.

The ministry provides full Thanksgiving meals to families, helping 235-240 families in 2021, as well as a Christmas gift assistance program, helping more than 525 children in 2021. Both of these services take place at the Sankey Center in the assignment.

A supportive community

Lynn said that despite the past few years under the COVID-19 pandemic, the mission has seen an outpouring of volunteer help and community giving, stating that if it weren’t for the donations, they couldn’t have these programs. .

He said the mission has an annual budget of $2.2-2.3 million because it does not seek government funding, getting most of its funding and supplies through donations.

“We are very lucky,” Lynn said. “It’s group work.”

Although the majority of the people they serve are in Lawrence County, they also serve people from Mercer, Beaver, and Butler counties, as well as people near the Ohio border.

Lynn said the mission never stopped a day during the pandemic. In fact, he said the mission didn’t have its first confirmed case of COVID until September 2021.

He said it’s a job that can’t be done at home.

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CarePortal Program

In November 2021, the mission launched a new web service called CarePortal.

Under the program, the mission serves as an ambassador for local churches to direct them to help individuals in the community with specific needs, to prevent them from being placed in government programs and to keep the families together.

For example, if a family needs food or supplies, or needs beds or mattresses, the mission will work to coordinate with churches to ensure the family gets what they need.

Lynn said it not only helps community members meet their needs, but also creates a network to rely on in the future.

Currently, there are 11 active churches and three churches in formation.

He said any church can get involved.

Looking for more support

The City Rescue Mission currently has vacancies for the positions of Donation Processor for the Ministry of Development and Guest Monitor for the Ministry of Men.

Lynn said they are always looking for more volunteers.

In addition to the main building, the mission has a women’s ministry at 1018 Rebecca St., New Castle, which helps women and children, as well as the Sankey Center, at 125 W. Grant St., New Castle, who helps all the children and does different activities, such as Centershot archery.

For more information or to get involved, visit the mission website at, email [email protected] or [email protected]or call 724-652-4321 for the Main Building, or 724-652-4349 for Women’s Ministries.

Lynn said that between now and May 31, a “Friends of the Mission” group, made up of various organizations and individual Mission supporters, is launching a community matching donation challenge.

The group will donate up to $111,000, based on community pledges, in honor of 111 years of the mission.

Nicholas Vercilla is a reporter for the Ellwood City Ledger. He can be reached at [email protected].