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City Council to Vote on Use of Rescue Law Funding for Incentive Pay for City Employees | Government and politics

SIOUX CITY – Sioux city council is expected to vote on Monday to reallocate $ 250,000 from American Rescue Plan Act funding to incentive compensation for city employees.

By law, the city is authorized to use ARPA funds for employee incentive compensation. City documents indicate that Mayor Bob Scott and the four other council members have requested to reallocate funds to provide a one-time incentive of $ 300 to current full-time and permanent part-time employees. If approved, the incentive would be provided to city employees on a separate check or by direct deposit on December 17.

City finance director Teresa Fitch previously told council members that under ARPA, essential employees can include police, firefighters and city employees tasked with operating the infrastructure. water and sewer.

Mayor Pro Tem Dan Moore told the Journal on Friday that city workers were working under “extraordinary circumstances.”

“I think we are reviewing it and we are going to vote on the basis of city employees going the extra mile during the COVID-19 pandemic to make sure we are giving and providing excellent service to our citizens,” said Moore. “Many of them had to work in a difficult environment. They took the opportunity to make sure we still function as a city. And they did a good job and they had a good attitude, so we wanted to recognize that by giving them a small amount. ”

At a special meeting in May, City Manager Bob Padmore urged council members to spend most of the city’s federal COVID-19 relief dollars on infrastructure projects. At the time, based on estimates, the city expected to receive $ 43.1 million in ARPA funding. The total amount he’ll actually get is only $ 40.6 million, according to Moore. He said the city received $ 20.3 million of that amount on June 15 and will receive the remainder one year from that date.

The city has until December 31, 2024 to allocate the funds and two more years to spend them.

The documents indicate that the $ 250,000 in incentive compensation would be reallocated from funds of the $ 40.6 million in ARPA funding. Moore said the council is considering cutting allocations to hospitality or broadband, but has not made a decision.