Rescue plan

City council receives new priority funding requests for US bailout

Jamestown City Council

Jamestown City Council received a new priority list from city departments on how they want to spend American rescue plan funds.

Mayor Eddie sundquist said that with respect to the new service priority list, the police department listed the hiring of four new officers at a cost of $ 206,000 as the main request, followed by the replacement of five police vehicles: radios through the lost income line, that’s $ 144,000. This is the third priority for the police service. The fourth priority is the $ 190,000 shooting range. And the fifth priority is virtual reality training at $ 62,500. “

These last two items were not funded for lost income. For the Parks Department, Sundquist said the number one priority was replacing the roof of the parks maintenance building at a cost of $ 250,000 that was not funded by lost revenue. -Taylor. It’s $ 1.5 million, which is not yet recommended for funding in the lost revenue category. Newspaper box at Diethrick Park, $ 33,000. It was recommended that this be funded as lost income. Third category, the walkways of Diethrick Park, it’s $ 10,300. This was recommended to be funded.

Other Parks priorities listed included painting the Goranson Bandshell and repairing the concrete at a cost of $ 80,000 and work on the Diethrick Stadium grandstand for $ 300,000.

The top funding priority for the Department of Public Works is repairing the roofs of city-owned buildings for $ 400,000. This project was not included in the loss of income. The second priority was a $ 100,000 salt de-icer that Sundquist said could save money down the road. “The third is road sign equipment at $ 35,000. We always like to have an extra one on hand in case something does happen, although this is not recommended under the revenue loss category. Fourth, the Third Street upgrades at $ 380,000. We believe that there are also additional opportunities for grant funds to be classified in a different category, so it may not be funded under income loss, but there are other opportunities.

Sundquist said the fire department’s top priority is eight new firefighters at a one-year cost of $ 609,000, which was not funded under lost revenue. The second priority is the replacement of the roof of Station 4 at a cost of $ 92,000 which has been recommended to be funded through lost revenue.

Chairman of finance and general board member Kim ecklund said she and other board members wondered if they might have any issues with the federal requirements if they voted on the ARP Blueprint funding categories and then later decided to move funds between the categories , “If we … if there’s a suggestion to move money around, not necessarily to fund broadband, can we leave it in healthy communities, or in water and sewers, or should- we move it to housing? And what will be the legalities so that we can do this? Will the federal government say “No, you have it planned for that”. He has to stay in there. So I ask Corporation Counsel to do a little research for us so that we know.

Sundquist said there is leeway to move funds between categories in the master plan in addition to changing category funding levels. He also urged the Council to adopt the master plan before the end of 2021 so that investment projects can move forward in 2022.