Rescue plan

Chatham County commissioners receive update on American Rescue Plan Act money

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) – Chatham County Commissioners received an update this morning on the county’s status regarding American Rescue Plan Act money.

Last year, the county received just over $28 million in ARPA funds and spent months figuring out the best ways to allocate them. Chatham County Commission Chairman Chester Ellis said so far about $15 million of that lump sum has been allocated.

Ellis says staff are still working on their plan for the remaining funds, which must first be approved at the federal level.

In addition, he says, projects funded by APRA funds include things like infrastructure, drainage and sewerage, public health, and broadband expansion.

“The funds went to drainage and sewers. He went looking for help for small businesses. He left for rent and help with utilities. We’ve done a good job so far using them as we’ve been told and giving them the reports, so we’ve been offered more money. said Ellis.

Ellis says the funds are also helping courts get rid of their backlog.

In May, the county announces that it will receive the second round of funding from ARPA. It will be the same amount they received the first time around, just over $28 million.

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