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Caledonia Spends American Rescue Plan Act Dollars On New Water Tower | Local news

CALEDONIA – The village has decided how to spend the American Rescue Plan Act grant dollars: all of its $ 2.645 million for a new water tower on part of the business park property DeBack Farms.

At its Monday meeting, the Village Council unanimously approved its Resolution no. 2021-132, authorizing the Tax Increment District 4 Water Improvement Project to be partially funded by ARPA grants. The village staff are now ready to begin the process of studying, designing, authorizing, tendering and building the project.

Caledonia received the third largest amount of money for a municipality in Racine County, after Racine and Mount Pleasant. It received $ 1.322 million in 2021 and is scheduled to receive an additional $ 1.322 million in 2022 for a total of $ 2.645 million in ARPA funding through the federal government for purposes outlined in federal guidelines; one of the permitted uses is hydraulic infrastructure. The total estimated cost of the project is $ 3.75 million.

“It’s something, which I remember, we were talking about putting it in any way or the need to put it on,” administrator Fran Martin said.

The village of Caledonia previously identified the need to construct an elevated storage tank / water tower in TID Zone # 4 along Adams Road. In May, the municipality secured a site for the water tower along Adams Road where it will benefit TID no. 4 zone.

The water tower must provide and maintain adequate water supply and water pressure for the fire extinguishing systems of nearby water utility users. ARPA funds must be spent before 2024.

“It would help speed up; it takes a while to set up a water tower, ”said village engineer Anthony Bunkelman, referring to the approval of resolution no. 2021-132. “They just can’t build it and allow it overnight. It just takes us a while to go through the EPA, the DNR and so on to go through this authorization process. We ask that we start this now so as not to miss the window to spend these funds. “