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Bond & Loid Liaison Exercise Turns Into Rescue Mission

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Chapter 58 by Tatsuya Endo, Casey Loe and Rina Mapa, available in English now via Viz Media.

So far in Spy x Family, Loid has had some pretty memorable experiences with his family, the most recent being the cruise. From hilarious antics to awesome rescues, Loid probably never anticipated that having a family could be this hectic. Through these moments, although he didn’t quite catch their thought – he still had a hard time understanding what exactly was going on in Anya’s head – he got very close to them in this way.

The one member Loid hasn’t really bonded with is the newest addition to the Forger family: Bond the dog. Anya has really made a connection with the newcomer since she can read his mind and act according to his forethought. Loid tries to do the same when going on a training mission, but it only serves to bring back bad memories to Bond. Will the two be able to come together one day?

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spy x trauma of family ties

Loid’s valiant efforts to train Bond to become a suitable sidekick in Spy x Family did not go as planned. While he was successful in getting Bond to immobilize the suspects for questioning, he failed to get the dog to do other acts like detecting explosives. Bond isn’t your ordinary dog ​​- he can see the future for a short time, but he wasn’t born with that power. In one establishment, he was at one point subjected to numerous heinous and abusive experiments. And while Loid’s intentions regarding the training were good, it still brought back painful memories of Bond’s time at the facility.

Not only that, but a fear of failure is instilled in Bond. While at the facility, scientists hurled humiliating slurs at him and deemed him a failure, advising him to get rid of it immediately. Now that he has found the Forger family, he is afraid that they will be like the scientists and will abandon him if he is no longer useful to them.

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spy x family bond saves a dog

Bond was aiming to use his powers of foresight to prove his worth to Loid by trying to save a child’s ice cream or an old man from being knocked down to the ground – but the poor dog only made matters worse. It’s actually quite similar to what Anya was at first when she read Loid’s mind and saw that he was planning to return to the orphanage and “swap” him for another child. At this point, Loid hadn’t grown into his role as a father yet and only viewed Anya as a practical way to complete her mission, so it makes sense that she was so scared and anxious. Bond is now in the same position.

Loid’s state of mind may seem like it hasn’t changed because he’s still pretty focused on accomplishing his mission, but it does. After seeing how Bond was acting in an unusual way, his first reaction was worry. He knew that was not Bond’s normal behavior and that something was wrong. Nowhere in chapter 58 of Spy x Family Loid ever considered getting rid of Bond.

Fortunately (or not), a chance for them to deepen their mutual understanding and work together arose in an explosion of flames. Bond anticipated someone trapped in a burning house and immediately dragged Loid there. In James Bond fashion, Bond the dog ran around the house and found the puppy trapped inside, making Loid extremely proud of himself. However, Bond and Loid are now trapped as the fire continues to consume the house. Will the two spies (with Bond being named after one of the world’s greatest spies) be able to work together and escape?

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