Rescue plan

$ 15 million American Rescue Plan Act to preserve affordable housing

PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, MD – County officials will use $ 15 million from the American Rescue Plan Act to replenish the Right of First Refusal Preservation Fund that would support the preservation of existing and natural affordable housing in the county. It will also serve to strengthen the implementation of the existing ROFR program and help preserve the affordability of properties located in qualified census tracts, especially in transit areas, as well as in targeted areas of development growth. economic. The fund will help ensure that low and moderate county tenants can maintain their residences as the county grows and prosper.

“Prince George County is committed to preserving housing affordability and we are working hard to diversify the county’s housing stock. We cannot have quality economic development without affordable housing. Our main economic development goals for job creation and the commercial tax base must be anchored in infrastructure. which serves a range of household incomes, particularly around transit-oriented development opportunities, ”said Angela D. Alsobrooks, Prince George County Director. “Our community is growing and it’s up to us to make the right choices now. This year, our administration exercised our right of first refusal program for the first time. The ROFR Preservation Fund helps us preserve, protect and increase quality. safe, homes that residents of all income can afford. ”

In December 2020, the county re-launched the ROFR program and then exercised it on two multi-family properties in the county. According to resolution CR-51-2015, the county can exercise its right of first refusal when the owner of a multi-family rental property of 20 or more units intends to sell the apartment building.

The Prince George County Department of Housing and Community Development has the authority to purchase the property or assign its rights to a third party developer for the purpose of stabilizing, preserving and expanding housing options for households at low and moderate income and to increase the availability of quality affordable rental housing in designated areas of the county.

In addition to the launch of the ROFR Preservation Fund, Alsobrooks also launched the Residential Property Preservation Program with an investment of $ 1 million. HOPP can provide homeowners up to $ 30,000 for health, safety, energy efficiency and accessibility repairs to qualified, owner-occupied homes. Households below 50 percent of the region’s median income can receive up to $ 50,000 in services. There are income, location and eligibility conditions. DHCD has partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Maryland to implement this program in qualified enumeration areas across the county, with a particular focus on homes located within a mile of a future shutdown. transit of the purple line.

Home preservation services may include the following: roofing and gutters, electrical repair, plumbing repair, tree removal, stairlift and accessibility equipment, HVAC replacement and repair, heater replacement / repair water and more.