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Death Row Dogs | Dogs Available for Adoption

The North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue (NCRR) is in the Pepsi Refresh Project challenge and we need your votes! Our $25K Refresh Project is: Rescue Rottweilers, educate the public, and teach kids about dog safety. Only the top 10 ideas in this category receive the grant.


Vote Online: Go to www.refresheverything, sign in, and search for Rottweilers *or* click for a direct link.

Vote by Phone: You can also vote by texting 109522 to Pepsi (73774). Standard text messaging rates apply.

North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue is the only non-profit Rottweiler Rescue Organization based out of Raleigh, NC that has been rescuing Rottweiler dogs since 1998. NCRR is an award-winning, all-volunteer organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless Rottweilers and placing them in qualified homes. Note: We often have other breeds available so, even if you’re not interested in a Rottie, please check out our Adopt Me page and our special site for small dogs.

NCRR does not have a shelter and depends on the generosity of the people who offer to foster dogs in their homes. NCRR volunteers do not receive pay for their help and all money raised by fund-raisers, donations and adoptions goes directly to benefit NCRR rescue companion pets.

View our Mission Statement

NCRR Foster Program. NCRR is doing what we can to help save these dogs. However, it is critical that we find foster homes asap. If you’re interested in fostering a dog, please go here for more details.





Be a Rottie Angel!Every week, NCRR turns away shelter dogs due to lack of space. These dogs died at the shelter where they were waiting for their angel to come and “save” them. Please remember, NCRR can only save the amount of dogs we have foster space for. NCRR has no open foster homes and depends on the generosity of Rottie/animal lovers to open their homes and hearts to a dog to foster until a furever home is found. Please take a look at the following “deathrow” and look into your heart to see if you can save a life that would otherwise become a sad statistic.

NOTE: NCRR does NOT kill dogs! We are a RESCUE organization. We are trying to find people to foster or adopt the dogs before the shelters kill them. Won’t you please help? To see NCRR dogs that are currently in foster homes and available for adoption, click here.

You do not have to live in North Carolina to become a foster home or adopt from NCRR.

Help Wanted: Temporary foster homes in Raleigh area for short overnight or 1-6 day stays until the dog can be moved to a more permanent foster home. It would be helpful if the temporary foster home has capability to help with transport of the dog. Please apply if you think you can fill this very critical role for our rescue. Your help, although short-term, is urgently needed.

We need you!We need you! Our current fosters rock! But we still need more foster homes in order to save the never ending numbers of homeless and abused dogs. Do you love animals and have some dog training experience? Can't afford to adopt a dog but would like the companionship? We have several beautiful, big Rottweilers in boarding that need a patient, guided hand to teach them manners and to make them more adoptable. NCRR has a large support network of volunteers, fosters, and training experts that can provide any assistance you may need to rehabilitate your foster dog. PLEASE FILL OUT A FOSTER APPLICATION AND HELP US MOLD SOME OF THESE ROUGH GEMS INTO GREAT COMPANION DOGS! Contact if you have any questions.


urgently needs a foster home!

Schatzi is a medium aged girl that came to us very stressed out. She had lost her owners (both passed away over the past year) along with losing some older dog siblings and a cat sibling. She was very upset, had lost some weight and had some hair loss/scratching on her butt region. As soon as we brought her home, we gave her a nice bath with a flea and tick shampoo (in case that was the cause) and sprayed her coat with some nice conditioning spray (it was very very dry). We took her to the vet and she is Heartworm negative and she is flea free! That was indeed what caused the hair loss and scratching but our shampoo killed them all and she is fine. Her coat is growing back and feels much softer compared to when we she first got here. She is very friendly with people and would cry a little when we would leave the room and leave her behind (ie: when my husband would leave for work at 5am) She's been getting better at understanding we'll be coming back. She gets very attached to her people. Her first couple of days, she didn't even want to go outside unless I waited in the door for her so she could see me. She is now more comfortable with going out more often and investigating even when I am still inside. She is slowly learning some independence and trust in her people returning to her.


9 week old rottie pups (3 boys / 1 girl) - Available for adoption Nov. 1 - slideshow

From Rottie Pups - Avail. 11/1/11




What:    NCRR newest program "PAWZ for Seniors"  Creating bonds of love and happiness for those in need
Why:   Companion pets make wonderful companions for the older generation.  NCRR has chosen 4 special companion dogs to be part of the PAWS for Seniors program
How it works:  NCRR requests placement into a "no pet" household
Companion Dogs in the PAWZ Program:       
Peanut - 9 Yrs Chihuahua        Shatzi - 5 yrs Rottie      
Sadie - 8 Yrs Corgi Mix        Dusty - 3 yrs - Chorgie
More information on the above dogs can be found here.
What you will receive:

  • Reduced adoption
  • Collar and leash
  • Water and food bowls
  • First bag of dog food

To Apply:  Email.  for adoption application.  If you would like to sponsor one of the dogs in the PAWZ for Seniors program by making a monetary donation to reduce the adoption fee or donate collars, leashes, food, treats or crates please email for info.
** All donations are tax deductible.

Death Row

TIME HAS RUN OUT for these dogs! Please help by the date noted.

NOTE: NCRR does NOT kill dogs! We are a RESCUE organization. The “death row” dogs listed below are not in NCRR care, they are in shelters. We are trying to find people to foster or adopt the dogs before the shelters kill them. Won’t you please help?

From Drop Box


Age: 15 MONTHS
Weight: 115
Crate trained: YES
Livestock: NOT TESTED
Activity Level: MEDIUM

Black puppy on death row

Black puppy waits on death row for an angel to help save her life. She is believed to be a pit bull puppy approximately 8 weeks old. She is emaciated and needs some tender loving care.  Black puppy is in a KILL SHELTER, not in the NCRR foster program, NCRR does NOT kill dogs.  North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue does NOT have any open foster homes and cannot save her unless someone offers to foster or adopt her thru NCRR. If you would like to save her life by adopting or fostering thru NCRR, please email  NCRR provides spay or neutering, medical care, heart worm preventative and can sometimes provide a crate to foster families. You do not have to live in North Carolina to foster or adopt a companion pet from NCRR.


Did you know that some of North Carolina's Animal Shelter still put animals to death by Gas Box? Could you imagine being taken to a room and locked in a small box with other animals and GASSED to DEATH! You can read more about animals being needlessly killed in gas boxes below.

NCRR can't do it without you. If you are interested in saving a life please visit our Foster page or email You can become a Rottie Angel for as little as $5.00! Click on the Rottie Angel to find out how you can help aid a homeless Rottweiler in his or her search for a forever home.

We need your help

The dogs above are either in a kill shelter or are NCRR foster dogs urgently needing new homes for various reasons. There are so many. These are only a few of the dogs we have been contacted about. We turn away many, many more that will die. The dogs with KILL DATES will not live another day past their kill date without your help! They are either GASSED IN THE GAS BOX OR KILLED BY INJECTION. NCRR does not have any room to bring them into foster care and safety unless someone offers to foster or adopt them thru NCRR. Please email if you would like to help by fostering one of the companion pets in need. They are counting on you!

Unfortunately NO ONE has inquired or offered to help any of the dogs above. Isn't there even JUST ONE animal lover in the entire Southeast or anywhere that could help these poor creatures? I know all of them won't be saved, but we have to try.

Please help us save them so we don't have to tell the shelter we could not find help and they will have no other choice but to kill them.

Our Mission Statement

  1. To provide veterinary care, foster home care and adoption of unwanted, unclaimed and stray companion pets.
  2. To provide advice and assistance to those wanting to place unwanted companion pets in new homes.
  3. To provide education on the proper care of companion pets.
  4. To encourage responsible companion pet ownership.
  5. To encourage the spaying and neutering of all companion pets.
  6. The organization shall not be operated for profit and no part of any profits or remainder or residue from donations to the organization shall benefit any member or individual.
  7. To reunite lost companion pets with owners.
  8. Work in conjunction with other rescue groups to help any companion pet find a suitable home.


Help stop the use
of gas chambers

The Gas Box

Many tax-funded animal shelters still use carbon monoxide gas chambers to kill unwanted cats and dogs. This method is considered by many to be outdated and inhumane. Your taxes are funding It!

Gas BoxAnimals in a gas chamber do not die quickly or painlessly. They struggle for breath. They claw to get out. This is not a pretty site and will stay with you for a very long time. When animals inhale carbon monoxide, they can suffer convulsions, vomiting, angina, and muscular spasms. Some will not die the first time. There is a better, more humane way, euthanasia by injection. This method is cost effective and takes only seconds.

Shelter workers are at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning when they unload the gas chamber, breathing in low levels of the gas on a regular basis. This can lead to many health problems, and even death. Counties are at risk of lawsuits from these workers if they become ill. Carbon monoxide is also extremely flammable, odorless, colorless, and difficult to detect.

The Humane Society of the United States, American Humane, American Veterinary Medical Association, National Animal Control Association, the American Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights all advocate lethal injection of sodium pentobarbitol. It is considered the most humane, safest, and least stressful choice for euthanasia.

Why do we work so hard to save the dogs? Below are just some of the dogs we could not save due to not having enough foster homes.


The Rottweiler Breed

It is hard to get the public to send in donations because most of the public is not educated regarding the Rottweiler breed. Because so many people do not like the Rottweiler Breed, NCRR tries to educate the public in an effort to remove the stigma that the public has regarding the Rottweiler. The majority of people in our society do not know a thing about Rottweilers and don't believe their lives should be saved. Most of the people who send in donations are people who have or had Rottweilers in the past and know what great companions they are. We also get a few other animal lovers try to help but not nearly enough to keep this rescue saving lives. Won't you think about making a donation to make a difference in a rescue dog's life? You can make a donation thru paypal at




Senseless Deaths

Below are just a small sampling of dogs who were put to death in various shelters because we were unable to find foster homes. Please help us so this doesn’t happen to the Death Row dogs above!

Real Estate Appreciation

Please support these North Carolina real estate companies and all they do.

-If you're looking for a new home with a big backyard to let your new rescue Rottweiler run around, you should contact our a professional realtor who will show you homes for sale in Waxhaw North Carolina.


PUT TO SLEEP. HIS TIME RAN OUT:  This is Timothy he wass around 2 years old and would love to read Christmas Carol with you.



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